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In a world where the president of the “most powerful country” has become quite an interesting topic due to his unique personality, his bold love and belief in his truth, it is interesting to see what value can be drawn from this.

Maybe because I’m always looking for value in whatever I do, I tend to think a lot about conversations I’ve had, things I’ve seen or just anything I took my time to get involved in. I tend to watch a lot of comical monologues by Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah. Their take on President Trumps MO entertains me to my wit’s end.

But amidst the sarcasm and satirical jabs on President Trump, I mused over his seeming indifference to the world and the way society views him. He just lives, says what he wants, how he wants to say it and when he wants to say it. I personally find that kind of freedom refreshing. It got me thinking that as creatives, we are always one way or the other afraid of being our true self in a world full of double standards and misguided expectations. Wouldn’t it be nice if we can be just like President Trump?

Here’s how!

  1. If you have an idea, no matter how bizarre, believe in it and execute it. The president came up with the idea of creating a space force. Whether or not it makes sense, is not the issue at hand. The point is that he voiced it to the whole world and he stands firmly by it.
  2. No matter how much people criticise you or laugh at you, be deaf to them. Your different perspective is absolutely beautiful and unique.
  3. No matter how much you fail at executing something, go back to the drawing board, restrategize and start again. President Trump has spoken of building a wall between Mexico and America and has had failed attempts at building it, yet he keeps trying different ideas. He seems oblivious to failure!
  4. Work with like-minded people. Collaborate with people from different fields by finding out what value you can create together. President Trump has formed the habit of sacking anyone who isn’t on the same frequency as he is. He would rather appoint a T.V host who believes in the same economic principles he does as an advisor.
  5. Give people something to talk about yet remain your authentic self. President Trump has not changed his habits or character since he became President. He still talks the same, plays golf, believes in himself even more and continues playing golf. He makes the rules work for him and doesn’t fall in line with expectations.
  6. Blow your own damn horn. The president dwells on his victories. He magnifies his strength at every opportunity and is probably the best brand ambassador I have ever seen. As a creative, it is imperative that you dwell on your positives and make sure people see your brand in the right light.
  7. Zig when others Zag. It is safe to say that the President always does the unexpected. He never fails to surprise and that’s a huge lesson for creatives. It behoves you to create valuable magic in such a way that people do not expect. Find value in the things people take for granted and blow their minds away.

These 7 lessons stand out the most for me from the “most powerful man in the world” and I intend to practice them from now on.

What are your thoughts? Do you think there are more lessons to be learnt or do you not care for the President of the United States of America?

Please share…xoxo

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