Dear Brands,
Bloggers are the best form of advertisement. 

Yours sincerely,

June Ebube

I know…I said what I said. How many millennials do you see sitting in front of the TV, watching a whole ad and then going off on a customer pre-purchase to post-purchase journey based off of the ad? Yeah… didn’t think so. BLOGGERS ARE THE FUTURE.

First off, this is the age of social media platforms, most people within the age grade of 16-60 are on all sorts of social media and you’re still passionately working on TV and paper ads? BLOGGERS ARE THE FUTURE.

  1. SOCIAL REALISM: We are living in a time where people are influenced by their peers’ thoughts and actions. They are influenced by real people that they can relate to, not actors who have run through and acted out what is expected of them. I have personally researched and analysed the effect of social realism on brands and users and seen the high results achieved when customers can relate to the story a brand is sending, through an “ad”. Bloggers and Vloggers are real people who one way or the other have an influence over us as product/service users. Therefore whatever they say about a brand is most likely to affect their followers on a very high scale. BLOGGERS ARE THE FUTURE.
  2. DATA ANALYSIS: Bloggers take the time to use a product, making them open to its pros and cons. They go through the customer journey and give you feedback on the whole process. They analyse your products in the best way consumable for their followers who would understand the language they speak and that’s the best way communication is passed on. They share their honest reviews and their recommendation to both brands and consumers. BLOGGERS ARE THE FUTURE
  3. PHOTOGRAPHY: This involves the whole process of creative story-telling (as they see the world, just like their followers or consumers), from location to lighting equipment to editing and then sharing. The blogger is a whole agency in one and does this with less time compared to a whole ad agency. When a brand works with a blogger, they are getting a whole ad agency in one. BLOGGERS ARE THE FUTURE. 
  4. INDEPENDENT ENTITY: The idea that your brand or business is getting valuable information from a sovereign entity means they are not tainted by the millions of processes that advertising industries go through before dishing out the ad to the consumers. This is one person who experiences the world differently and would continue to stick to their truth on who they are and has the advantage of influencing people as they are. There is no contamination of thoughts from “head of marketing” or “brand assistant” or “head of advertising”. It is an honest opinion and influence coming from inner reflection. BLOGGERS ARE THE FUTURE.
  5. COPYWRITING: The words, best believe that bloggers have to know how best to communicate with their “constituents” to get your business message across. They have to be the best writers, using the right words and just the right amount, creating the right tone appropriate for your business but still maintaining their own sound. It takes creative geniuses to be able to do that. BLOGGERS ARE THE FUTURE
  6. REACH: BLOGGERS ARE THE FUTURE. Bloggers’ reach is not limited to a town or country, they can literally take your product/services global once they share on their different platforms. There are statistics to show their reach, not only on social media but also on their blog traffic statistics. The power and influence of a blogger over a product/service are short time developed but has a long reach.


P.S I am not in anyway saying agencies are not important or downplaying their role. I only wish to point out where the future is going. Also when I say Bloggers, I am not excluding other creatives such as vloggers and or other forms of artists. I only write this as a blogger.

Some outstanding bloggers who have collaborated with brands and created value:


These are just a few for today, but there are soooooo many creative bloggers who even without brand collabs continuously dish out visually and mentally creative value.

That said, I would hope that brands learn to collab more with bloggers and pay them for value created on both ends ie for the brand and for the consumers. Bloggers need to be taken seriously because their influence can either make or break you. I have come across a lot of people who demean bloggers and ask questions like “So…. what exactly is it you said you do”?. Some people have even told us to our faces to go get a regular job (for those who are into it full time). But if the above highlights (which are just a few amongst many) is not enough to educate your ignorance, then I rest my case.


Do you agree with my opinion or beg to differ? Let’s know your thoughts…

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June Ebube

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