Hey Junebugs….

Its been a month now since I last posted and since then, I had been in Nigeria.

Words can’t fit the beautiful experience I had on my trip and time flew by so quickly I felt like I had not spent a month away.

I had the incredible privilege of meeting amazing people, getting involved in a fantastic project, eating soul food, visiting places and staying in nice environments. And the weather…my God the weather was absolutely divine.

Leaving to return the UK was an absolute struggle for me because the entire trip was different from my life presently and after talking to a few friends, they cannot fathom why I would want to return to Nigeria.

“Home is where the heart is.” seems to be the only answer to the enigma.

The pictures are unedited, but they speak to my heart and my experience and I didn’t want to alter any of it.



I have always been amazed at how we make it work even in the worst of situations. I love how our perspective as a country is to see opportunities and find solutions to challenges. It amazes me!




Oh baby the food. I can’t even…




I wish I could find a better way to make you understand the core of my experience in Nigeria… I know I made the best human valuable connect as well.

Over time, I will break everything down to the juiciest detail.





June Ebube

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