Stranger in the morning turned lover at night. I spent the day with Onye Ubanatu and I fell in love…with his story, his mind and his character.

The passion to create value oozes from the perspective from which he views creativity. I was fortunate enough to spend the day drinking in greatness, from the mischief in his eyes as he awaits my reaction to the coffee date at @coffeeplus and the deep laughter of appreciation as I savoured the drink. We spent at least 15 minutes consuming the cake and coffee with our eyes and lenses, before allowing our taste buds have their fill.

Onye Ubanatu is a force to reckon with, his mind is an “orgy of creative value” forged from experiences and imagination. He spoke to me as an equal, listening, correcting, prodding gently and answering my questions with expert intelligence.

There were instances he would go silent and yet in that moment, he was saying so much.  His ability to switch from properly articulated English language in his timbre filled voice to pidgin English in that way only second nature to Warri BB (born & bred), mesmerised my mind, causing me to see different shades to him.

By evening, he had taught me a few tricks in photography, exchanged ideas and sat in companionable silence as he observed people and his environment in the way only those who could see beyond the obvious do.

It’s not often I come across someone who listens to music the same way I do, picking the hidden but obvious sync of instruments, making melody with boundless ease it’s almost like he’s immersed in the tune himself. We listened to @simplysimi album through the day and by the time he dropped me home, I had experienced sapiosexual love at first meeting.

Onye’s use of words is descriptive, poetic and rhythmic. As I waited for someone to get the door, he treated me to an impromptu spoken word session that painted series of pictures in mind, making me understand that genius as a term, can actually be an understatement.

When next will I meet him again, I have no idea, but this experience will be cherished for a very long time.

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June Ebube

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