So it’s a new year, to be honest, I am absolutely thrilled for new opportunities and ideas that awaits. I genuinely feel pumped to achieve and try new things. I have been the type to look at someone and know what would look good on them instantly and would find ways to achieve the look I want on them. I have been the type to stay in the background and let people shine through my work, having that feeling of a master puppetter…lol. Maybe because I am a designer or a creative, but who says we cant look good doing it.

So as part of pushing myself to try new things, I have made a list of trends I am definitely trying this year and I hope to make the best out of them.


I have never owned anything with a fringe on it. I have styled people with it, even used it in photoshoots, but I have never ever worn or owned a fringe…can you believe that? It’s insane!! I guess that’s probably why its the first on my list.

I know you’re probably thinking of the cost of this dress, seeing as its a Bottega Veneta dress, but I am not looking at high-end fringes. I just absolutely love the details and the simplicity of it all- the dress and the styling.


Now maybe because I am a PK (Pastor’s Kid) or that I have always been insecure about my body, these two factors have definitely affected me when it comes to showing skin. But heeeyyyy…we’ve been hitting the gym so that takes care of the body issues and I think I’m of age now to let the idea of my dad staring down at me with disgust stop me from trying on this trend.

…… (Moment of silence please)

Okay maybe not this sheer, but you get where we are going with this. This colour is to die for by the way.


I always ran away from the check trend because it always reminds me of “Ghana must go” ( a travel bag used mostly in Nigeria) and I don’t want to end up looking like what the cat dragged around… smh

But all that did was dissuade me from trying to stylize what I was afraid of… we say NO MORE!!!

Get a load of that!! 😍😍😍😍

Okay…. maybe not full on colourful but I’m allowed to appreciate colour.


As a woman of colour (every single pun intended), you would think I would be fearless with colour right??? Naaaaa I don’t even know the last time I wore a coloured lipstick!!!

Honestly, these trends are challenges for my personal style because I have always preferred to style others and just be a plain Jane, but this is 2018 and we are open to new ideas and opportunities.

What trends are you willing to try this year that will push your comfort zone… I am excited to know your thoughts…





June Ebube

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