Hey Junebugs…

So sales period is over and new products are popping up everywhere in different stores and I just love to take the time to peruse my favourite brands online.

One of the beautiful things about shopping online for me is that I get to create a wishlist and slowly buy each piece as I save the money. Another good thing I love about wishlist is that if you’re very good at timing sales period, the item could be on sale and be even more affordable.

I’m in love with River Island, Zara, Public Desire, JustFab and Asos shoes and not only do I have some of the apps on my phone, I’m also on their newsletters for promotions and contents.

I know, for someone trying to save, I am not doing the right thing for my wallet, however, I found these timeless pieces I believe are befitting for my shoe rack.

Do let me know whats on your wishlist and anywhere else I can find affordable but timeless shoes.


This beauty is from River Island, Number 1 on my wishlist because a nude of this hue (tan) will never go out of style… in my opinion. Suitable for dressing up or down, you can never go wrong with this patent finish stiletto. You know what, I just may add the green and the blue version to my wishlist too.

Buy it here they are selling out fast!


Drum roll please…(tadadaaddadadadadadadadadda)

Introducing the “Black barely there sandals”, aptly named due to its two strap slim design!! I am in love with the simple yet classic design of this sandal. Again, this can be worn with a dress, jeans, to the office or for a party. Imagine an array of bridesmaids in this…and guess what, it comes in different colours.

This is also from River Island and can be found here


Oh for the love of classic!!! THE DERBY SHOES from my favourite brand ZARA!!!

Can we just take a minute to appreciate this beauty: The Flatform Derby Shoes with Reversible Fringes. If this does not pull at your heartstrings, I may have to question your emotions #justsaying.

Zara has a range of derby shoe designs, but this is currently on my wishlist and you can shop the look here.




Ahhh…. the slingback – Sexy, classic, timeless, trendless…I can go on!

Coming to you, with love from the Zara factory, we have the slingback high heel shoes for just £29.99. Made from polyester and thermoplastic, this is the soul of my sole.

I’m in love with the design of this slingback, remaining a slingback and yet staying modern in design.


The bootay!

Everyone needs those pair of boots: stylish, easy to wear and fits with everything in your wardrobe – Dress, Skirt, Jeans.

I currently got my eyes on these pair of fabulous Zelda boots from JustFab…. they are EVERYTHING! Available in red and black for just £35.


Last but not least is me all time classic and comfy ballerina. I must admit I have quite a few of these, but then again there nothing like too many shoes right???

I’m in love with the chicness of this simple yet stylish ballet flats. Velvet curves with lacey polka-dot cage!

God bless designers!

God bless simplicity!

God bless beauty!

And they are only for £16…hello summer piece!

There you have it, my timeless wishlist and they are all under £40!

What timeless shoes are you wishing for?

June Ebube

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