Hey Junebugs…

I do hope we are all having a beautiful day. I can’t believe we are almost into the third week of January already. Safe to say we are keeping up with the mini plans to achieving our monthly goal.

One of the goals for the month is to make sure I style and wear most of the pieces I have without having to buy anything new and sifting through y wardrobe, I saw this skirt.

This skirt was owned by my mum, same as the shoes and I inherited (took them) them from her. But I really wanted to style them differently so I chose this sweater that was gifted me by @sommieliz and opted to wear it UPSIDE DOWN.

For a pop of colour, I accessorized with an orange bag from NEW LOOK (Old) to go with the brown and cream accents. I love how this look turned out

What are your thoughts?




June Ebube


  1. I love how it looks on you. I’m wondering how it’d look on a chubby person, on a shorter skirt.

    • Thank you for the comment. To get away with that try a less fuller piece and wear heels. It will look even better on you. An A-line skirt will lessen the volume.

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