Hey Junebugs,

As some of you may know, I just returned from Nigeria, and one of the things I packed as I travelled was an ASOS jelly sandal I had bought specifically for the trip because I needed air between my toes. Living in the UK, you gotta always have your toes covered up, either with socks or shoes.

For the period I was in Nigeria, I wore mostly this ASOS sandal although I had other sandals with me. At first, I thought it was because it was new. But then I realised that it was more than that.

I found the sandals to fit almost every outfit I had on. Be it a dress, jeans or a skirt.

It is also very comfortable, even though it is a jelly sandal (or rubber sandal as we call it). I wore them during an event production for a whole day standing, running and walking around and it never for once caused me any pain. (Those with bunions will understand).

The design is so simple yet so elegant, and people could not believe it was actually rubber. I absolutely loved that about the sandal.

For the price point of £10 (N5,000), it was well worth the purchase so much that I came back and bought it in 3 other colours.

Black, Silver, Coral

In summary, we all know ASOS service and products are excellent in quality and this product was not any different.

For anyone who will like to purchase them, click on the colours to go directly to the page. Also, ASOS delivers to Nigeria, so that won’t be a problem if yore buying outside of the UK.


That’s it, folks, I hope It was not a lengthy read.

Share your thoughts with me on either this product or any prod, ct you think I should try.



June Ebube

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