Hey Junebugs…

One of the things I decided to try in this year was new trends. I love to style and as a designer/creative, I prefer to wear plain clothes on me but transform people into the image in my head which is more stylish.

I have seen a lot of people try on this trends: Dress over jeans style and Monochrome style, so I decided to merge the two together.

I have had all my pieces for a while now, Jeans was gifted and the dress is from Primark.

Shoes were on sale from Newlook last year and Bag was gifted. Lol…you have to make your wardrobe work for you darling!

Tip: There are so many ways to wear these two trends but to get the most timeless…

  1. Wear same colour but mix different textures, this allows it to flow and still pop.
  2. Wear size appropriate so as to stay age and body appropriate. Wearing too big a dress will dwarf your body.

I wore this as a dress here, read about the outfit on this post here.

I decided to go for a monochrome look so as to mix two trends at once.

One of the things I love about this particular dress is that the length can go as a top as well.

And a little close up on the details


How do you think I did with both trends?



June Ebube

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